Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ZFS flavor of the month

A week after Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz commented that ZFS would be in Leopard, an Apple executive said, "ZFS is not happening", when questioned about ZFS's inclusion in Leopard. Without ZFS announcement in the Apple WWDC, Mac developers would be disappointed and some reporters said they felt sleepy during the keynote.

(Update : Apple has denied the executive's claims and is clarifying that ZFS will be available as a limited option in OS X. See comments on the original story for details.)

ZFS seems to be flavor of the month. While many were expecting Apple to announce it was adding ZFS to Mac OS X, it doesn't seem likely after reading the Apple executive's comment. At least not in the forthcoming release.

In other news, ZFS was reviewed very positively in an InfoWorld article. The editor reviewing the ZFS was all praise for it. "It’s not every day that the computer industry delivers the level of innovation found in Sun's ZFS. More and more advances in the science of IT are based on simply multiplying the status quo. ZFS breaks all the rules here, and it arrives in an amazingly well-thought-out and nicely implemented solution."
Ok that makes up for "late by a year review." One thing that I've observed is that though Sun says ZFS doesn't stand for Zettabyte File System anymore, most reporters still make it a point to expand ZFS that way.

Then, eWEEK gave an Excellence award to ZFS in the E-Business Foundations category. ZFS deserves many such awards and kudos. It has made a big difference in the world of File systems.

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