Monday, March 29, 2010

Wubi and Ubuntu

I was trying out Wubi installer for Ubuntu. What it does basically is install Ubuntu on a Windows file system. It creates a windows file and makes it look like a hard disk to Ubuntu i.e. a virtual hard disk. So, while Ubuntu is installing on windows file system (loopback mounting), Windows need not boot if we want to work on Ubuntu. We are using Windows file system but not booting Windows as a host. Ubuntu is running on its own.The installation creates an entry in boot.ini file so that Ubuntu can be booted up as a separate OS just like a dual-boot system. Also, the installation shows up as an installed application on Windows, so if you need to remove Ubuntu, remove it as any Windows program. This is good for newbies as it saves them from the hassles of partitioning the disk.

Another cool thing about having Ubuntu on the system is that I can use my mobile broadband that is available in modem right out of the box. No need to configure or install any extra softwares. Just go to network connections, select the provider from the list, and the Ubuntu is ready to use the usb modem. Just enable it with a click of mouse. Very neat!