Friday, June 8, 2007

Going from JDS to CDE

I have started using CDE now for Solaris. JDS was becoming a pain with its sluggish pace. It was eating a lot of memory, too. CDE seems lightweight in this regard as compared to JDS. There are a lot of things in CDE that I wish were more JDS-like. I will try to configure and see how friendly I can make it for general pupose use. It will be used for web-browsing and mails.

The main difference between CDE and JDS when one begins using CDE after a long time with other desktops is how the minimize windows feature works, and icons on the desktop that are absent in CDE. On minimizing any window, it appears as an icon on the desktop, unlike JDS's "go to bottom panel behavior."

The responsiveness of CDE is much better than JDS though and that is what sets it apart.

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vermaden said...

why not use xorg/xsun + fluxbox/openbox/pekwm?