Saturday, June 2, 2007

Firefox Add-on - Split browser

I've recently started using Split browser Add-on for Firefox browser and am greatly impressed with it. It adds value to my browsing experience. No need to switch to another tab when I want to reference something in a different page. I can look at both pages together by splitting the current browser window in any way I want - Left, Right, Top, Bottom. Once done, I can gather all the split windows to old style tabs. Tab that is currently open can also be split horizontally or vertically.

On a related note, I un-installed the Cooliris Add-on I had installed about a month ago. While it did look useful in the beginning, it was becoming too obtrusive and an annoyance, especially when there were links very near to each other. Trying to open a link would bring up a preview of another link. Also, I was using it less and less. Good-bye Cooliris, Hi, Split broswer!

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