Saturday, June 9, 2007

Core Solaris kernel paths

Sometime back I was searching online the path for core kernel binaries for Solaris but the information was hard to find and it was not exhaustive. Finally I was able to find the information in Solaris Internals book. The paths for core Solaris kernel binaries are:

/kernel/genunix - Platform independent core kernel for non-UltraSparc based systems resides in this binary. All non-UltraSparc based systems load this genunix during boot time.

/platform/sun4u/kernel/genunix - optimized binary for UltraSparc, but it is independent of the system type. This binary is loaded during boot time only by UltraSparc systems.

/platform/{arch}/kernel/unix - Platform dependent component of the core kernel resides here. {arch} is the architecture of the system.

The other kernel modules get loaded on demand later i.e. when an application requires them. They reside under the /usr directory tree.

All these binaries contain various low level kernel services that are needed to run the system. The command to find all the kernel modules in a system is

# modinfo

It will give as output the loaded modules in a running system.

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