Sunday, December 10, 2006

MacOS X and Linux expert views , anyone

I must confess I haven't touched Linux for a long time now. The last time I seriously worked on it was RedHat 7.2 Linux which I used to learn MPI during my masters. I know it definitely has progressed a lot in the last few yrs. So, what are the new features added to the kernel or the distributions since then. I can't seem to remember any apart from some filesystems and lots of drivers.
Newer version of MacOS X will have X-Ray technology which is nothing but DTrace with a nice GUI on top.
If you know of some good features that are in Linux now, especially which are as revolutionary as the ones in Solaris ( see my last post) and are not available elsewhere, please leave a comment. I might try a new distro sometime soon.
Xen, I think would be a cool addition, but it is not unique for Linux. It will be very interesting to work with, though.

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