Thursday, December 21, 2006

Outstanding OpenSolaris questions by James McGovern

James left a comment to one of my earlier posts and suggested I answer some of the outstanding questions he posted on his blog sometimes back. Though I am not an authority on this, I will try to answer some of them as per my understanding. I was thinking of replying in comments section but it became too long, so here is a reply to James comment.

Hi James,
Unfortunately I have little information related to SPARC chips. It's an open architecture and anyone can see the specification and is free to implement.
I don't think Sun produces SPARC chips for appliances as they are a server-focussed company.
Maybe Fujitsu does it. I have heard of SPARC chips in some cameras, but you'd have to google search to find out more.
Regarding OpenSolaris, I believe community is much more capable to answer those queries. e.g. I searched Xen community list there and it seems they have some working Xen code for OpenSolaris. Of course, Xen itself is not yet complete, so Xen for OpenSolaris would take time. Looking at the activity there, it seems Xen is the future of OpenSolaris virtualization.
Headless/Diskless clients under Solaris have been supported for quite sometime.
About legal implications of running OpenSolaris, I know none that exist. You are free to distribute your product with an OpenSolaris distribution as long as the existing files you have used from the community and modified are open sourced under CDDL. If you've added any new files, you are free to choose whatever license you want for your files if that license permits it. CDDL is less viral in this regard.
That's my understanding. I'd suggest to throw these questions to OpenSolaris list. They'd sure give you detailed and authentic reply.

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