Sunday, October 26, 2008

Small company or MNC

One of my friends has recently graduated and is in a dilemma on which among the two offers to accept. An offer he has is from a multi-billion, multi-thousand-employees product MNC where he would be using C language and Unix at work that is about debugging one of the company products. The other offer is from a small EDA company where he would be using C++ and Windows as a developer of EDA tools for engineers. The smaller company has less than 50 people on roll. The CEO himself interviewed my friend and has suggested that the friend would have more opportunities to learn and grow in a smaller company like his one.

On the other hand, the big MNC's salary offer is more than twice that of the smaller company's.

Friend is in a dilemma and is seeking my advice. Which company should he join?


Anonymous said...

You can always go from a big company to a smaller one, but not necessarily the other way.

Plus the money.

osgeek said...

I'd say going from smaller to bigger company might be easier once he has experience.

Now, the smaller company has even offered to match the salary offer of the bigger company. I have advised him to go for the smaller one for these reasons:
The job is C++ based which is much more in demand than C programming jobs.
It is development oriented role, rather than debugging role.
Salary is equal now in both.
Responsibilities at smaller company is more, means better exposure for a fresher.

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